Kate Holland design

Kate Holland Design features delicate, hand-crafted jewelry that embodies a refined, natural aesthetic. 

A multi-media artist, Kate Holland divides her time between Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and New York City, flowing from one art form to another. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and urban environments, Kate designs and produces jewelry, figure drawings and paintings, custom art frames, photographs and continues to work in film production.

“I tend to work with two mediums at any given time. A painting will inspire a pair of earrings, or a photograph will spark a new color palette to play with. I love the fluidity of moving among different mediums.”

A Kate Holland piece is as appropriate at a red carpet extravaganza as it is at the office. Kate personally sources all her materials to assure their quality and originality. In addition to precious and semi-precious stones, the Kate Holland collection also features 14K gold, sterling silver, silk, leather, vintage ribbon and pendants, recycled glass, minerals, shells and handmade beads from Thailand, India and Bali. Because the color, size and shape of the raw materials used in Kate’s jewelry varies, each piece is one-of-a-kind.